vivo X5Max thinnest smartphone

vivo X5Max ultra thin Smartphone

Vivo X5Max martphone

vivo X5Max ultra thin Smartphone

Extremely thin body

The slim body of X5Max ,breaking through industrial limits.

vivo X5Max ultra thin Smartphone

90% of components on PCBA, which is only 1.77mm, are set on one side.

X5Max Smartphone PCBA

The skeleton, which is made of alloy, appears fashionable and sturdy.

smartphone with alloy body

The perfect combination of Stainless steel and anti-fingerprint coating brings a cozy touch.

vivo X5Max with anti-fingureprint coating

vivo X5Max, the first smartphone in Hi-Fi 2.0 standard.

Hi-Fi 2.0 standard Smartphone
vivo X5Max smartphone Hi-Fi 2.0

The X5Max carries a newly evolved ES9018 DAC, two operational amplifiers ES9601 and another two operational amplifiers OPA1612.

vivo X5Max with ES9018 DAC

The deluxe DC/DC chip LDO brings detailed, dynamic, and beautiful sounds to you.

Robust core in exquisite appearance
64-bit octa-core CPU

X5Max carries a powerful 64-bit octa-core processor-Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 with processing capacity increased a lot over 32-bit processor. The built-in high-performance GPU Adreno405 supports 4G high-speed network efficiently.

1080P display

X5Max adopts a 5.5 SUPER AMOLED 1080P display, featuring a bright and natural color and bringing a very different vision.

5.5 inch 1080P vivo X5Max display

Considerate in details
Optional dual-card slots

There are two card slots in X5Max,one for micro-sim card and the other for nano-sim card or TF card.

X5Max dual sim card slot

3.5mm standard
Headphone jack

X5Max carries a 3.5mm standard headphone jack in its slim body. It is slim but not compromising in enjoying Hi-Fi.

Standard Audio jack vivo X5Max


X5Max carries a 5MP wide-angle front camera and a 13MP rear camera with 6P lenses and F2.0 aperture, which gets better noise control. Lots of helpful camera modes such as Night, Bokeh and Panorama make your photos more professional and interesting.

X5Max with 13MP professional camera

FuntouchOS 2.0

Simple, fun and intelligent.

The newly designed user interface makes it easier and smarter.

Friendly control center in X5Max

Friendly, considerate, and safe.
The control center of background and shortcut menu is very suitable for one-handed operation.

iManager with power management

An upgraded iManager offers attentive services such as Phone clean, Flow monitor, Privacy zone, Power management and so on.

Smart Wake

Slide smoothly on the black screen to wake a particular app.

vivo X5Max has new Smart Wake
  • Draw "M" to play tunes, do it again to pause.

  • Slide leftward or rightward to switch to another tune.

  • Slide upward to unlock.

  • Draw "C" to wake dialer.

  • Draw "W" to wake whatsapp.

  • Draw "e" to wake browser.

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