Capture long Screenshots and save them with ultimate ease on vivo Y28

While browsing on Android phones, we come across various exciting pieces of information in the form of articles, tables, infographics and pictures. Many a times taking a screenshot is the best way to save them for future reference. From presentations, research purposes to sharing with friends at a later date, there could be a variety of reasons for doing so. Unfortunately, the size of the screen in most of the Android phones is the biggest stumbling block in capturing screenshots of lengthy articles or pictures. Most of the times smartphone users take multiple screenshots, and use a third-party app to stitch them together. This method is not only tedious but also time-consuming.On top of it, it involves downloading and keeping the app updated, which slows down the smartphone and leads to increased data charges. Equipped with the Super Screenshot feature, the vivo Y28has taken a big leap towards solving this problem faced by millions of mobile phone users worldwide. Using this feature you can effortlessly take multiple screenshots that can be saved as one extended picture. Whether it’s a long article, picture, an inforgraphic spanning into multiple screens or a long chat, you can capture all of them with just a few taps on your smartphone. Similarly, the Super Screenshot feature also lets you take Funny Screenshots. To take a screenshot of a particular part of the screen, all you need to do is draw a shape of your choice around it, and save it on your phone. The shape could be anything like a cloud or a circle. For example, you can open a picture of your loved ones on your phone and create a heart-shaped screenshot capturing their smiling faces, and print it to put inside in a phot-frame. It’s really fun to use this feature in vivo Y28, it’s easy to use and helps you avoid a lot of hardhips involved in using a photo-editing software. The vivo Y28 makes it effortlessly easy to take screen shots, capture funny screen shots and store it for future references whenever you want them.