How to click like professionals with shooting modes in Xshot

The vivo Xshot is one of the latest smartphones that is getting rave reviews for its professional quality camera in addition to other equally powerful features. Equipped with a range of advanced shooting modes, it makes clicking true-to-life images and videos a child’s play. In this blog we will talk about how you can use these modes to click like a pro. You must have observed that while doing landscape photography even with top smartphones, capturing the details of the sky results in the land looking dark. Similarly, when clicking portraits in sunlight or low light or backlit conditions, the faces become dark. The HDR or High Dymanic Range in vivo Xshot takes care of this problem by enabling you to click perfect pictures in such conditions. All you need to do is switch on the HDR mode, and you are ready to click lifelike pictures. At times, you want to capture a breathtaking landscape in a single picture but are unable to do so as the complete view won’t fit in the viewfinder of your smartphone. The Panorma Mode in vivo Xshot lets you overcome this shortcoming by allowing you to click a 180-degree view of the landscape. Photography during the night is often marred by lack of light, and sometimes by too many light sources. The subject is either overshadowed by light or is not properly illuminated, which leads to poor picture quality. The Night Mode in vivo Xshot facilitate the capture of perfect pictures during the night by removing glares and ensuring that the subject is properly lit. During sporting events and stage shows where your kids are participating, you don’t like to miss important moments at any cost. The Sports Mode in vivo Xshot allows you to capture such priceless moments by pressing the shutter button 3 seconds in advance. The vivo Xshot also provides another way to make sure that you capture your favourite moments during sporting events or a high-energy dance performance with Speed Bling Shot. It helps you click 5 simultaneous shots with a double tap on the screen. Just like advanced professional cameras, the vivo Xshot enables you to blur the background so that the subject stands out with the Bokeh Mode. This is particularly helpful when you click objects and people in outdoor settings. The vivo Xshot has the Auto Scene Mode to help you get the correct focus everytime. This provides you with a square on the screen highlighting the part of the frame that is focused. You can then easily adjust the focus as per your requirements.