Pay tribute to Music


Hi-Fi & Smart, pay tribute to music. Together, let’s treat every piece of music seriously.

When you come across this article in your friend circle, I believe you will start your own thinking in a pleasant surprise like me.

Why vivo?

Music is an inherent gene of vivo. vivo has upheld the brand’s Hi-Fi gene since its birth. We also believe, music is the totem of human soul. Music can always touch the softest part in everyone’s heart. From Ultimate Hi-Fi & Thin X Series to Xplay Series based on Ultimate Hi-Fi &Video and Audio Experience, to Xshot Series of Ultimate Hi-Fi & Video Capture, vivo keeps practicing our ultimate pursue of music in every detail. From initiating Hi-Fi mobile phone to taking the lead in launching Hi-Fi 2.0 in the industry, as the industry’s pioneer and leader, vivo sees the power of music.

Jan. 25th, 2015 is the start of a new chapter for vivo.

First Event with WeChat

The core of vivo’s corporate culture is BenFen. This highly agrees with the brand concept of WeChat. Young people like to express themselves, pursue dreams and oppose old rules. WeChat stresses communication and lays emphasis on user experience. These highly agree with the brand attitude of vivo Hi-Fi & Smart. We want to talk about music and share the happiness of music with all the young people through the platform of WeChat Friend Circle. We believe such “First Time” is Live Smart Play Smart in itself.

Music is a common emotion of human

If happiness is transient, music will be eternal. If the world changes too fast, sincerity will be more precious. Jan. 25th, 2015 is a day worth remembering for vivo, WeChat and all music lovers. This day, in your Friend Circle, in the name of Hi-Fi & Smart that vivo always sticks to and the brand concept of Live Smart Play Smart as well as the name of all music lovers, we salute to the common human language of emotion——music!

Today, we invite you to pay tribute to music together, enjoy Hi-Fi &Smart together!