vivo – A tribute to art


The name ‘vivo’ is derived from ancient Latin & Italian languages and the history of the word goes back to 600 BC. The word vivo expresses the liveliness and vitality of outstanding art and so do the vivo smart phones. vivo is not just a smart phones but it is a heart-felt tribute to heroes, masterpieces and their likes.

vivo creates smart phones with excellent appearance, exceptional acoustic fidelity, extreme video display, and joyful experience for vigorous, young and fashionable urban mainstream groups. vivo dares to pursue perfection and constantly creates surprises.

vivo’s high fidelity sound quality and superior video production & restoration capabilities are unmatched in the industry. vivo as a brand believes in professional ultimacy, paying attention to details and making lives better and advanced. vivo understands science and how to make it useful for humans by making man-machine interaction full of surprise and joy. To know more about our smartphones, our one touch screen and other features that make our phones smart, visit our site at