How to shoot the mesmerizing night moments with the vivo Xshot

Night-photographyA true photographer appreciates the beauty of night, and never leaves an opportunity to take a memorable snap. From well-lit buildings and parks to glittering skylines, and from a star-studded night sky to beautiful hills dotted with tiny lights, photography lovers have so much to capture during the night. For amateurs, the night photography is more about clicking personal portraits and selfies, while roaming around the city and enjoying its sights and sounds.   While, most people love to click great pictures in the night, only a few are actually able to do so, as night photography requires a combination of exceptional skills and world-class technology for desired results.   Thankfully, the vivo Xshot makes it a lot easier with its professional quality camera, Sony Sensors and shooting modes. Here’re few tips to get impressive results while capturing images during night hours with this latest smartphone.  
  1. Use the Night Mode in vivo Xshot to take colorful and clear pictures of night scenes like beautifully-lit museums, ancient monuments or the skyline of the city, etc. It actually takes six pictures and composes a perfect picture by taking the best part of each one.
  1. While clicking selfies at night, don’t forget to switch on the front LED flash that emits a soft light to prevent pictures from turning too dark due to dim light conditions.
  1. Always use the Double LED Flash at night without worrying about the subject getting too illuminated. The Xshot uses the two LEDs to flash a light that is closer to the natural light at the time of clicking of the picture for better results.
  1. We all know that hand movements make pictures blur, but this problem aggravates during the night. Bu there is the Optical Image Stabilization Mode (OIS) in the Xshot to make the pictures more clear with no disturbances when in motion.
  Being considered as the best camera phone in India right now, the vivo Xshot can go a long way in helping you click like a pro during the night. If you are still wondering what a professional quality camera in a smartphone clicks like, then experience the vivo Xshot.