vivo Y28 – Smart, interesting and Fun, just like you!


Often we have to get used to the technology, especially when it comes to our Smart Phones, but vivo has introduced Y28 smart phone which is just like you, smart, interesting and fun. Based on the beautiful Piano key design, vivo Y28 has a sleek, curved, natural transition back arc design offering close grip and stylish yet elegant look. The Smart Phone comes with a dirt and wear resistant technology which keeps the white and black textures of the phone glossy and shining.

Coming to the features, the Y28 is true to the “smart” we often use for smart Phones with its exclusive smart wake and the super-screen shot features, which are more than exciting. The smart wakes are the fun way to wake up your apps be it music, whatsapp messenger, browser or just looking to unlock the phone. Smart wakes have been flagship features of the vivo Smartphones which just needs simple slides on the black screen like to draw “W” to wake up whatsapp messenger, “e” to access the browser directly, “M” to play music, “c” to access the dialler and just a slide upwards to unlock your phone.

Then there are some smart gestures to take a call, mute the call, answer the call without even touching the screen of your vivo Y28. The se smart gestures need actions like put the phone closer to your ear to call a number, hold the phone close to your ear to attend a call or just cover the screen to mute the call. Apart from these Smart wake features and smart gestures, vivo Y28 has an interesting and fun way to save your messaging conversations in a long screen shot. You will never require any external app to connect many small screen shots to make a long screen shot. Just select the conversation and save it as you want. Then comes the interesting part of vivo Y28’s persona, the funny screen shot feature.

Often you click the beautiful images but they remain just another pictures in your picture gallery, but Y28 brings the interesting Funny screen shot features to make your pictures look more interesting. The funny screenshot modes have options like Lasso mode to enclose your image in a heart shape or flower shape enclosures, by making the enclosure on the screen with your fingers. The doodle is another interesting way to make the picture more than just images. There can be many ways to make your pictures interesting and you can try it all with your vivo Y28.

With the amazingly interesting and smart features this smartphone is having you can rest assure that a smartphone can’t be more familiar of you, as the vivo Y28 can be.