Weave magic with smart gestures

The touch technology has made using mobiles a lot easier for billions of users the world over. By tapping a few buttons a large number of tasks can be done on touch phones with ease. Now, the vivo X5Max, one of the slimmest phones in the world, takes this experience to an altogether different level by allowing you to do more with gestures.   With the Smart Wake feature on vivo X5Max, you can wake various apps right from the locked screen by drawing alphabets­– like ‘m’ to play tunes or stop them, and ‘c’, ‘w’ and ‘e’ to wake the dialer, WhatsApp and explorer respectively. It’s amazing as you don’t have to search for the app you want to start. In addition to saving time and effort, it’s a cool feature to impress your friends and family members with.   Similarly, you can slide leftward or rightward to switch to another tune, and slide upward and downward to unlock and click photographs respectively.   And, its Smart Motion feature is sure to leave you spellbound. Using this feature you can carry out many tasks with gestures. To check whether you have received any notifications, you’ve to wave your hand over the locked phone. Similarly, wave towards left or right to change tracks on music player or view the next or previous picture while viewing a photo album. Or just place your hand over your phone to mute it in case it rings during a meeting. There’s a world of possibilities that open up when you’ve a vivo X5Max in your hand.   Ranked among top android phones available in India today, the vivo X5Max runs the Funtouch 2.0 OS on top of Android 4.4.4 OS, and is all set to make your mobile experience truly mind-blowing in every sense of the word.