Xshot – Capturing professional quality videos is now a child’s play

A decade ago no one expected that making videos in high definition would become so effortless one day. The smartphones are truly becoming your handy cam to capture videos hands on anywhere and anytime. From home get together to family holidays, and during the office trips to weekend outings, you can now capture the moments in beautiful and professional quality videos.   While, you can make videos with almost all smartphones available in the market, their output quality varies a lot. In such a scenario, it is imperative for you to understand the video recording features of the smartphones better to make an informed purchase decision.   The Xshot is one of the latest smartphones that is making quite a buzz for its professional quality camera. It offers a host of shooting modes to help you click like a pro and good things is that you don’t have to tech smart for that. The Video Pro mode of Xshot has several advanced features to help you capture amazing videos. Have a look at them.  
  1. AE Lock –It freezes the camera’s exposure settings to stop the auto exposure system from changing aperture/shutter speed values, when the camera is moved from one area to another. This ensures a consistent exposure throughout the video despite differences in the background or lighting conditions. It keep all the disturbances out from your video.
  1. AF Lock – This function locks the autofocus, and, thereby, allows you to keep the focus on your chosen subject throughout the video. As the
  1. Fun Video – You can click videos in slow and fast motion using this feature. For example, video of city traffic moving at amazing speeds at night, planes taking off in slow motion etc. It makes the video more fun for you.
  Simply put, if you’re looking for a smartphone to capture lifelike videos, the vivo Xshot is just the perfect phone to keep you busy and delighted. Known for its powerful features, the Xshot can be said to the best camera phone in India as of now with regard to the price and powerful camera features. To know more about this exciting smartphone just go to http://www.vivoglobal.in/Xshot.html#