Xshot – For a great social experience  


Are you a social buff? Live out of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn? Then vivo Xshot is the phone for you. 4G enabled vivo Xshot is an advanced smart phone for an unmatched social media and multimedia experience.

vivo Xshot has series of unique features which makes it one of its kind smart phone available in the market. Packed with advanced technology and user-friendly features this smart phone will sure make your life smarter. vivo Xshot comes with second generation IMX214 sensor which is a much advanced version of its 1 generation counterpart. Second generation IMX214 cuts noise for more clarity even in low light thus giving you clearer and brighter images at night or in low lighting.

Its 5.2” full HD wide screen gives you an ultimate viewing experience. Now watch videos, record and share the best quality professional videos only on vivo Xshot.

vivo creates smart products with excellent appearance, exceptional acoustic fidelity, extreme video display, and joyful experience for vigorous, young and fashionable urban mainstream groups.