Vivo Hi-Fi Night In Bangalore


Showcasing the ‘Faster than Faster’ unbeatable, premium smartphones in Bangalore

With creativity and technology, Vivo keeps innovating.

Smartphones got smarter, thinner and more intelligent with Vivo Hi-Fi smartphones. Their V3 and V3Max offer an unbeatable proposition of cutting edge technology, impressive looks and Hi-Fi music quality with ‘Faster than Faster’ features pointing to a better RAM, a HD camera and 4G compatibility.

They have become the first smartphones in India to incorporate a Hi-Fi chip, resulting in an unparalleled audio experience.

‘Vivo Hi-Fi Night’ is a campaign emphasizing on the Hi-Fi Audio feature.

The concept of Vivo Hi-Fi Night was to bring the tech and lifestyle bloggers, tech reviewers, influencers and instagrammers face to face with the high definition audio capability of Vivo V3 and V3Max. Different activities and competitions were organised for the bloggers and reviewers.

During the event, the DJ invited bloggers to the console area and taught them about mixing songs via a Vivo smartphone. A ‘Djing’ app was installed on the phone, which enabled the DJ to teach the bloggers.

The person who mixed music the “fastest” and with precision, won a Vivo merchandise in the end.

The first phase of the event was successfully held in Bangalore whereas the second phase is set to be held in Mumbai and Delhi.