Vivo Experience Tour


With the launch of VIVO Camera and Music, clicking pictures and listening to music have been redefined. The VIVO V5 boasts of new-age technology, grand look and offers an unparalleled experience in taking snaps and selfies with its 20MP Front Camera. The Hi-Fi music quality is accompanied by a staggering Processor and an improved RAM.

Keeping the spotlight on the 20MP Front Camera experience, the “VIVO EXPERIENCE TOUR’’ campaign was launched.

The idea behind “VIVO EXPERIENCE TOUR” was to let the users get a chance to experience the stunning 20MP Front Camera of the VIVO V5 smartphone. The campaign took place in different malls across various cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Bangalore.

The people who visited those malls where the “VIVO EXPERIENCE TOUR’’ took place got an opportunity to use the new VIVO V5 smartphone and experience the amazing V5 for themselves. The event had a giant VIVO V5 smartphone screen placed on a huge selfie stick which people could use to click a #PefectSelfie. There were also games and fun activities that were arranged for the people who took part in the event.

The campaign was held across different cities and was highly successful.

A mesmerizing pomp and show surrounding the VIVO EXPERIENCE TOUR!

The VIVO mascot brings out the brightest of smile in people.

Let those million emotions flow with the #VivoV5

See yourself in the giant screen of #VivoV5 and click a #PerfectSelfie