X3S – Your Slim, Stylish and Smart companion

There is an increased emphasis on the design of smartphones worldwide. Smartphones are getting slimmer and lighter, and manufacturers are experimenting with a variety of materials to achieve this. At the same time, they are taking adequate care to make smartphones visually appealing. The credit for all this goes to millions of smartphone users who expect smartphones to look good, in addition to providing them with exceptional performance. Amid all this, the vivo X3S is already getting rave reviews for its aesthetic design, sturdy built and high-end specifications for Music and camera quality. At just 5.95mm, it is one of the world’s slimmest smartphones currently. Owing to the use of premium material, it has a solid build, which provides better grip to the user, and ensures superb protection in case of a fall. What’s more, its white and grey colored body further enhances its look and appeal. The vivo X3S comes with the Smart Wake feature that lets the user swipe smoothly on the black screen to quickly start the desired application. To unlock the screen, all the user needs to do is swipe upward. Similarly, the user has to swipe ‘c’, ‘e’, ‘w’ and ‘m’ to wake dialer, explorer, WhatsApp and music player. For photography enthusiasts, it has some little surprises like Pose Shot, Funny Shutter and Theme Album to ensure a great click every time. Similarly, the beauty and Panorama modes are excellent camera features. For people who love to play with music, it has Scene Music Mode, where one can select or create a playlist in the particular scene or mood, and find the most suitable tunes as per the mood. In other words, the vivo X3S scores over other smartphones in its category not only on account of its speed, camera features and hi-fi sound functions, but also due to its slim body, stylish looks and smart features. For more information, feel free to visit http://www.vivoglobal.in/X3S.html.