Capture, save and play screen activities with Super Screenshots in vivo Y11

Screen shots are becoming more often used features in Smartphones, but still most users need an external app to connect the screen shots and make an extended one, still the screen shots are a bit boring. Now vivo Y11 has introduced the Super Screen shot features to capture, save and play the screen activities effortlessly with just few clicks. Y11  Super Screenshot The Super screenshot have three key features Long Screen shot, Funny Screen shot and Screen recording to make the best use of on-screen activities and save them at one go. The Long Screen shot makes it simple and easy for you to capture the long chat history at one go, save it and share it with friends. No need to have an external app to capture many screen shots and connect them with an external app. Funny Screenshot The second one is Funny screen shot which makes the images on screen more funny and beautiful than the regular ones. You can have options to give a colourful outline to your focus image, it can be a doodle shape, heart shape or even any other irregular one that you like your image to be highlighted with in. It’s more of a fun feature that makes the images look more interesting. Screen Recording If it’s not enough then you can even capture all the screen activities and make an interesting video of it. This feature is known as screen recording, which captures all the on-screen activities, which can saved and shared in the form of a video. Screen recording can be a great tool to unleash your creative side to make a game walk through, a demo of the application and shared it with your friends and contacts straightway. Packed with these interesting and handy Super screenshot features, vivo Y11 can be your gadget for convenience and to make more artistic use of your creative capability.