Your next camera can be a Smartphone, if it’s vivo Xshot!


If you are looking to buy an entry level professional camera, then it’s better to buy a smartphone which have the best entry level professional camera and as of now vivo Xshot is the best one that makes the cut. vivo launched its premier camera smartphone Xshot in Dec 2014 and it has been successful in beating even some of the top performing smartphone cameras in the market. What sets the vivo Xshot apart from the competition is its amazingly brand new shooting modes and camera features.

First to start with the Camera in Xshot has a strong configuration with a 13 MP rear camera and a 8MP front camera, equipped with Sony stacked CMOS sensor, F1.8 aperture, 6P lenses and packed with a whole lot of photographing possibilities. Let’s gets through the kind of amazing shooting modes this amazing smartphone is having.

Face Beauty – A great camera experience for the ladies to experience. They can try their look with 5 five different lip gloss shades, eye brow shades. They can use the “custom” feature to make face look even more beautiful, “slimming” feature to tone down the face and “enlarging” feature get the best picture clicked with all the details one want.

Micro video – This feature lets you make a short 6 sec video hands on, just by putting a finger on the screen for 6 sec. make a 6 sec video. You don’t have to switch on the video mode to shoot the video, just put the finger on the screen and recording will start.

Powerful HDR – This feature is great for shooting pictures back light or relatively large shade difference and it will give you clear picture even in great contrasting shades. Take the pictures from different smart phone and compare it with the pictures taken from Xshot and you will feel the difference.

Pose Mode –This mode offers all the different kind of options to pose for unique photos. Explore the different poses that you can use to make your pictures more unique. Just slide and try them all.

Panorama Mode – Xshot has the Panorama mode to capture more than you actually see in the camera while clicking. Take photos using Panorama mode and see how it covers the whole scene with every detail.

Night Mode – Another big challenge for the smartphone camera is to capture crystal clear pictures especially during the night time and with so many different lights posing as a threat to disturb the image quality. Xshot offers you the night shooting mode to click pictures with absolute clarity.

Sports mode – It enables the person to adjust the time to capture the right moment that you can’t afford to miss.  Just press the shutter button before 3 seconds in advance to take the picture, it will compensate the people reaction time difference.

Children Mode – This is special feature Xshot have to make photography easier for the parents while they are capturing the images of their little ones. There are sounds like baby chuckles, bell sound, cat sound, dog sound, duck quacking, Gun sound, Train sound and a random sound to capture the attention of the baby towards the screen and capture the perfect picture.

Speed Blind Shot – Two-stage camera button, Double-click to capture 5 photos. This feature makes the clicking multiple shots effortless, get 5 images clicked with just a double click and there is no need to reach the camera app.

Bokeh Mode – This feature of Xshot is generally found in DSLR camera which are used for professional outdoor photography. This feature is highly used in wild life photography and even when you are looking to capture the subject clearly in a large crowd.

Auto scene – Auto scene mode help you to focus on a subject quite easily and make sure you capture exactly what you are looking to capture. It makes easier for the photographer to focus on the subject which one is looking to capture.

vivo Xshot is not only about the great camera experience, but it also an aesthetically built smartphone which looks elegant and is one of those limited smartphones in India which are having 4G compatibility. So as a whole the Xshot is a complete camera Smartphone which will never let you feel the need for a camera to click whatever you like to, whenever you like to.